Get expert technical support with our VIPCare service

AstarlaWorks VIPCare is a partnering concept based on mutual gain, using the ongoing development of our software and technical support to ensure optimum usability and productivity. Our clients can benefit from our expertise, with support delivered by real people directly to your server.
Some of the benefits of VIPCare include:
  • Avoids the trap of purchasing software which becomes inefficient over the longer term, with huge costs associated with upgrading to meet the ever-evolving computer environment, growing business needs and legislative changes.
  • It effectively makes the old-style licence purchase of programs obsolete.
  • The VIPCare Partnering Plan ensures direct development of software in cooperation with members as growth and technology dictate.
  • All ongoing development, upgrades and support are included in the package. No extra charges.
  • Direct on server support through a remote connection as necessary.
To find out more about how VIPCare can ensure you always get what you need from our software, contact us today.
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