Here are some typical FAQs that AstarlaWorks clients may ask

Below is a collection of Frequently Asked Questions for AstarlaWorks Premier users. Don't forget, our VIP Care plan offers continued technical support from real experts, with solutions delivered straight to your servers.
Q: I have a problem with staff changing Name and Address details
A: Set up each user under Security, most functions/forms can be blocked by user
Q: How do I do a Stop Credit on a customer?
A: In Phone/Address – Customer Details tick Stop Credit
Q: Why do my customer transactions continue to show on Statements?
A: You need to use the Age Customers function in Period End Routines at the end of each month
Q: Make a Cash Sale customer?
A: In Phone/Address – Customer Details tick Cash Sale Customer
Q: How do I set up invoices to be emailed automatically when I press Finalise?
A: In Phone/Address – Customer Details tick Email Invoices Automatically for each specific customer
Q: How do I have statements sent automatically instead of printing?
A: There are two steps for this, the first is similar to above (tick the Email Statement in Phone/Address – Customer Details) The second is to set up the following command in the [CUSTOMER STATEMENTS] section of the configuration file:
You can optionally add the following lines to have your own customised text for the email subject and message
EmailSubject=Your Statement
EmailMessage=Attached please find your monthly statement attached as a PDF file.
And if you want each a copy of the statement saved for each month you can add te following lines
Q: Can I make a database of contacts within my customers/suppliers etc.?
A: Yes, in Phone/Address use the Edit Contacts button on the right in the Contacts tab to build a list of contacts within the current Phone/Address member
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